Servo Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine CX-60 – CX-1600

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بلد: Taiwan
هاتف: 886-6-3563470
فاكس: 886-6-3560082
الشخص الذي يمكن الاتصال به: Joseph Lung
نموذج الحجم الدولي حجم الحقن النظري تحامل القوة مسافة بين قضبان التعادل ضربة فتح القالب
سي اكس - 60 600H-167 97 60 330 × 330 320
سي اكس - 100 1000H-387 226 100 380 × 380 370
سي اكس -130 1300 هـ - 517 318 130 430 × 430 410
سي اكس -160 1600H-764 442 160 500 × 500 490
سي اكس - 200 2000H-1078 594 200 560 × 560 550
سي اكس -250 2500H-1400 778 250 610 × 610 600
سي اكس - 300 3000 هـ - 1727 هـ 995 300 680 × 680 660
سي اكس -350 3500 هـ - 2101 1251 350 730 × 730 710
سي اكس - 450 4500H-3079 1885 450 810 × 810 780
سي اكس - 550 5500 هـ - 4316 2704 550 880 × 880 860
سي اكس - 700 7000 هـ - 5437 3261 700 960 × 960 950
سي اكس - 950 9500H-8472 4752 950 1160 × 1160 1250
سي اكس - 1250 12500 هـ - 12672 7433 1250 1360 × 1360 1500
سي اكس - 1600 16000 هـ - 16810 11486 1600 1560 × 1460 1700

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تصميم محسن للتبديل الرأسي عالي السرعة من 5 نقاط. ترقية تكبير التبديل ونسبة شوط الاسطوانة المثبتة في شوط الفتح ، لذلك تقل الدورة الجافة بأكثر من 30٪.
يتم تمديد حجم الأسطوانة وخلوص شريط الربط لمزيد من عمليات إنتاج قوالب الحقن.


The movable platen has a box-shaped design with a T slot and a tapped mounting layout; the thickness and rigidity of the platen are both strengthened to minimize its deformation. A self-lubricated compound plate is supported at the bottom to reduce the friction of the plate with the steel tape. The layout of the platen mounting follows Euromap standards. Optional features such as the installation of a proportional valve for positional control or an ejector on the fly are also available.


Modularized injection unit set as per injection pressure, speed, shot weight, plasticizing, etc., specifically for various molding terms. Three different options for the screw sizes are offered and may be revised on request. The movement of the double injection cylinders is supported by linear guideways to achieve a perfect positional precision and to smoothly move while performing the injection. Optional features such as a shut-off nozzle, a servo electro-driven unit, and bimetallic screw barrels are available on request.


The SVP system consists of synchronous rotary speed controlled servomotor with a driver for the control section and the internal gear pump. The system software includes a set of closed loop pressure and flow controllers. The switchover from flow to pressure control and backward is done automatically by the software. The controller has been optimized to avoid pressure overshoot during the switchover from flow to pressure control. For machines requiring higher flows, a master servo unit combining single or multiple slave servo-units uses the Master-Slave System. It can provide sufficient flow for larger machines.


The integrated hydraulic circuit design aims to reduce efficiency loss. The standard injection and clamping manifolds have logic valves for performing with no delay and responding at the shortest time. The new servo system has no issues of heat generation from the pressure/speed proportional valve, neither of oil drain by the variable pump; the oil temperature remains stable. The consumption capacity of the oil tank is about 50% less in comparison to the conventional fixed-pump machine. In addition, on the condition of a non-stop production, the oil quality remains good as long as the temperature is stable and low. The commissioning of the high-efficiency heat exchanger also upgrades the cooling capacity of the IMM; therefore, chilling water is less consumed.


The special design of the grease medium with characteristics such as high pressure and wear-resistance can take a perfect lubrication effect on the toggle pins and bushings.
Averagely, the thousands-based frequency of the lubrication cycle reduces the grease consumption and produces less waste, and the alarm for lubrication fails prevents a short supply in case of pipe damages or a used up tube.