6 Cavities Automatic Injection Heading Machine RIH-60-06

تصنيف: آلة العنوان


بلد: Taiwan
هاتف: 886-2-22994281
فاكس: 886-2-22994284
الشخص الذي يمكن الاتصال به: Mr. Wu

  • With 250 sets memory storage in the computer and the monitor which can show the operating status.
  • Insert tubes manually and remove tubes with air blowing unit.
  • Double heading mould for fast running.
  • Model: SIH-30-HC is with hot runner and there won't be any waste left after production, which can save cost.
  • Model: SIH-25-NC is without hot runner and take out the waste by air blowing automatically and safely.

  • Tube Diameter Range: Φ19mm~Φ50mm
  • Tube Length: 70~200mm (Oval 200mm)
  • Heading Speed: 50pcs/min( Φ50mm), 60pcs/min ( Φ30mm)
  • Mandrels Quantity: 24pcs

  • Main Motor: 0.75KW
  • Storage Box Transfer Motor: 0.12KW
  • Loading Conveyor Motor: 0.12KW
  • Loading Motor: 0.4KW * 2
  • Orientation Servo Motor: 0.1KW * 6
  • (Cut Inject/Drilling) Vacuum Motor: 0.75KW
  • Cut Inject Motor: 0.09KW * 2
  • Drilling Motor: 0.1KW * 6
  • Unloading Motor: 0.4KW
  • Electric Heating Power: 8.05KW
  • Hydraulic Pressure Motor: 5.5KW
  • Power Consumption: 19 KW
  • Air Consumption: 478 L/min
  • Water Consumption: 15 L/min
  • Machine Size: 6,487 x 2,923 x 1,708mm
  • Total Net Weight: 4,500KGS