Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Machine SCM-60


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  • Designed in high-precisio construction, this machine can be used to perform full-cut & half-cut fabrication tasks.
  • Up/down punching travel uses four high-rigidity guide poles, with liner rail designed for the feeding mechanism.
  • Automatic cutter adjusting mechanism can perform automatic adjustment according to the desired setting, providing 0.01mm accuracy.
  • High speed multi-axis servo control system, increases efficiency.
  • High quality CCD positioning system, fast operation and high accuracy.
  • Powerful, high rigidity cam drive system for high stability.
  • The machine is equipped with protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine. (with CE optional)
Model SCM-60
Cutting Main Power Servo Motor
Cutting Pressure 30 TONS
Effective Area L*W 1100mm*600mm
Cutting Time 120SPM
Voltage 3-phase220V
Air Pressure Requirement 0.6Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 6000kg